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Transport Analysis and master planning for Olympic Games

We have developed masterplans focusing on strategic transport planning for the biding procedure of Salzburg 2014 and Almaty 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, as well as for the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi 2022. For this purpose we have developed a software, ITSOS, that analyses and implements sequences based on georeferenced data.

Salzburg 2014

Sochi 2014

Almaty 2022


The "Masterplan – Future of Mobility" Project aims at promoting the development of a new, comprehensive, need-oriented and environmentally friendly mobility system in the Region. The sponsor of the project is the LEADER region of Fuschlsee Mondseeland. The Local Action Group (LAG) FUMO is a federation of 17 municipalities from the Fuschlsee and Mondseeland region. The residents and guests of the areas concerned will be provided with attractive and environmentally friendly mobility opportunities in the future. The final goal is to reduce traffic from private cars while increasing the use of local public transport, bicycles and/or walking in order to create a more appealing layout of the daily -to and from- work and educational places movements as well as leisure destinations. As a new stimulus for the region, the project can attract more people to the region as whole and at the same time raise awareness of sustainable issues the area is facing.